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Hello sage 14
1:54 PM
Hello everyone I hope you have a nice stay. For anyone who's new here as you can see this site doesn't get updated alot cause I have so many things to do. Use my moddb page to keep updated
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Albateh keh baraye amlsae Ruzbeh fahm va darke sohbathaye Maryam Rajavi sakht ast, Chape iran cheh as ghomashe khatte 1 v1 2 3 hichvaght sisat ra nafahmid va hamisheh rast zad va ya chap.Aghaye Ruzbeh, agar faghat beh mozegiriha va az jomleh khodetan nehah konid mifahmid????? keh chizy taghier kardeh

Rayees,I am really sorry for your loss and I know there are many, many trdears like you who follow expert advice and lose heavily in markets.Please remember, if you want to make money in stock markets, you have to follow STRICT rules of markets. These experts give you only buy and sell calls but don't tell you how to safe-guard your trades .Ashok Leyland is signaling a fall but because of market fluctuations and news flow, you cannot be certain which level/ day it will start going down. To know this, you have to follow its intra -day trading pattern and then, when charts signal that its fall has started, then enter the trade with STRICT stop-loss.Those expert won't tell you when to enter the trade and that can turn a winning trade into a huge loss; just what happened with you. If you are trading in Futures, you have to keep margin-money in your account. You can do this by trading smaller lots and keeping extra money for margin. Please remember, bigger lots may turn into bigger loss instead of bigger profits. You have to know what is your risk appetite (how much loss you can tolerate) before you decide the lot size for your trade.I had started writing this column only to warn trdears/ investors like you that what experts are telling; is MOST of the times false. Frankly speaking, most of them don't know how markets behave. Stock markets behave on many cues, just buy or sell call in not enough to make a correct trade.You can DEFINITELY MAKE MONEY in markets by intelligent money management, disciplined trading and by following strict trading rules.I have been thinking about how to help readers like you to protect their money and earn from markets on a regular basis. This will be done with the help of a professional brokerage house whom I trust and trade with. I'll soon do a survey about it and if enough readers show interest, I'll take this scheme forward.Thanks so much for showing faith in this site.Please keep your money safe and do NOT go for bigger trades at this point of time. You can surely make money from markets, but not by throwing your money around.

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